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Giantess text adventure
Your own custom text adventure. Only rules are no male giants, and be realistic about the amount of content (Don't ask for a 50 room game with hours of interactions). Project file can be provided if you want to add to it after.
Colored giantess illustration
A cg giantess drawing in full colour.

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Mature content
Unaware Sister Smother :iconbananaboy4:bananaboy4 16 0
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Supervillan Buttcrush
A young male superhero tried to to stop a female super villain from robbing a bank.

He really should have checked what her powers were before pissing her off.
Unaware Sister Smother Redone
Josh had been born with a unique condition, he was a quarter of the size of normal people. Life like this had been challenging, but he had managed. One summer he decided to visit his full size sister Juli for a week at her beach side house. On his last night he told his sister he was walking to the station, to see if he could catch the midnight train. After leaving the house he realized it was far to dark to walk, and decided to nap on a lounge chair until morning. He slept longer than he intended though, and was still snoozing peacefully as his sister walked out of the house. The sun was shining and there was no breeze, so Juli had decided to sunbathe for a bit.

Not even knowing her brother hadn't left, Juli didn't even look down as she sprawled out on the lawn chair. Josh awoke from the sudden pressure, his face now fully engulfed by his sisters bikini clad behind. He frantically tried to move, but his sister was too heavy to budge. Both his arms were pinned down by her legs, and she seemed completely oblivious to his presence. For over an hour josh waited, as Juli's sweat dripped onto him. He was holding out hope that she wouldn't sunbathe for too long, as he was completely unable to get her attention.

Unbeknownst to Josh, the suns rays had taken their toll on Juli. She had slowly drifted into sleep, calmed by the peaceful setting. As the day went on Josh's hope dwindled, his face was going flat and he'd swallowed enough sweat to fill a lake. It was beginning to look like he would be crushed underneath his sisters ass before she woke up...
Feet Cleaner
Amanda was well aware she would probably have to sit for an hour or two before her ex was done licking her feet clean, but the complete disgust on his face made it worth the wait. As the poor man dragged his tongue down the dirt encrusted sole of his former lover, he wondered when she was going finally put him out of his misery.
New Insole
Amanda had shrunk her ex boyfriend weeks ago, and had been tormenting him since. She was legitimately surprised when he lived through his first day in her boots, it seemed her shrink spell had kept him as sturdy as he was at full height. With that knowledge her punishment of him went even farther, so her tiny victim was actually a bit relieved when he found out being her insole during a tennis match was his punishment for the day. 
Should I go back and redo my old renders in Iray, or just make some new ones?
As you probably noticed from my inactivity on here, I haven't been online for a while. The reason for this is I was moving house, even though I moved in a week ago. There was a problem with the cable company and I was stuck with no wifi until now, but everythings working now and I can start uploading again! I'll see about doing some special art to make up for my absence.


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